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Fit since Little

DVD Fíha tralala - 'Fit since Little' was created for children so they can work out and exercise with Fíha instead of sitting in front of a TV or computer.

It is an animated 35-minute warm-up for children.

Little kids move their bodies and learn to name animals and babies go through a simple swimming course. They learn how to grow trees, recognises different kinds of fruits and enjoy a lot of fun!

On the DVD, you will also find simple logopedic warm-ups that are safe for even the youngest kids.

The beautiful atmosphere of this musical fairy tale is created by illustrations and simple animations.

Written by:  Martina "Fiha" Jelenova
Illustration : Veronika Lesana Renckova
Music: Miroslav Sibik

Publisher:  Jelen Drums 2014


This movie is here: 

Movie show how was creating all movie ...From 3:40 min is about Lesana's work.

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